Dividend increase to €0.65 approved by large majority of Deutsche Post AG’s Annual General Meeting

Frankfurt am Main/Bonn, 05/25/2011, 04:30 PM CEST
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The Group’s headquarters

At the Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Post AG held in the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt-Höchst, Germany, around 1,200 shareholders approved the resolutions proposed by the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board by large majorities. Shareholders with a majority of 99.98% of the company’s share capital present at the AGM resolved, among other issues, to pay a dividend of €0.65 per share. This reflects an increase of €0.05 over the previous year’s level. As in past years, the dividend will be paid free of tax for shareholders living in Germany.

The Annual General Meeting provided its vote of confidence by large majorities to the Board of Management (with 99.95% of the casted votes) and the Supervisory Board (99.94%) for financial year 2010. In addition, Werner Gatzer (with 97.55%), Elmar Toime (with 99.79%) and Hero Brahms (with 97.90%) were re-elected to Deutsche Post AG’s Supervisory Board during the scheduled Supervisory Board election.

Upon conclusion of the Annual General Meeting, Willem G. van Agtmael and Harry Roels left the company’s supervisory body at their own request. In their place and in accordance with the management proposal, the Annual General Meeting elected Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt (99.85%) and Thomas Kunz (99.83%) to the logistics company’s Supervisory Board as new members. With the exception of Brahms, whose Supervisory Board term will end upon conclusion of the 2014 Annual General Meeting due to reasons of his age, the terms of the Supervisory Board members elected to Deutsche Post’s supervisory body during this year’s Annual General Meeting will expire upon conclusion of the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

In addition, the Board of Management was once again authorized to issue bonds with warrants, convertible bonds, participating bonds or profit participation certificates in an aggregate amount of up to €1 billion. The authorization expires in May 2016.


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