DHL leads the market with its new high-tech device for the pharmaceutical industry

  • ‘DHL SmartSensor GSM’ ensures end-to-end monitoring for highly sensitive shipments
  • Control of temperature, humidity, shocks and location makes shipping safer and simpler

Bonn, 09/22/2011, 10:30 AM CEST

DHL SmartSensor GSM

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DHL SmartSensor GSM is a small high-tech device that is packed inside the DHL shipment.

DHL has taken a decisive step in expanding its services for the Life Science & Healthcare and other industries, placing it at the cutting edge of the market. DHL’s SmartSensor GSM makes it possible to monitor the transport of highly sensitive shipments anytime and anywhere. In addition to measuring the temperature during transport, the new high-tech device also measures humidity, shocks, brightness and location.

Since the data is accessible through a web-based tool, no hardware is required. The new product GSM is the advanced version of SmartSensor RFID, which is also still available throughout the DHL network. Both solutions were developed by DHL Solutions & Innovations (DSI).

“Our new solution is the first of its kind on the market and offers exactly what our customers from these industries need. Being able to control highly sensitive and valuable goods such as medications or other pharmaceutical goods from start to finish is invaluable,” says Martin Wegner, Vice President of DSI. “With our new expanded solution, both the sender and the recipient have complete transparency, 24/7 – we make this control especially easy for our customers.”

More than data gathering

DHL SmartSensor GSM is a small high-tech device that is packed inside the DHL shipment and sends real-time data to the solution’s web portal. Using GSM technologies, which have become today’s standards for mobile and fast data transmission, it is no longer necessary to open the shipment in order to control the data. The new device not only acts as a data gathering sensor, it also functions pro-actively, sending e-mail or text message notifications if problems arise during transport, such as a change in temperature or the premature opening of a parcel (light sensor is activated).

The device can be used and is fully functional for all land and ocean freight transports. When used in air transports, the device’s GSM antenna is automatically switched off before take-off. In such cases, the sensor continues to retrieve data but does not send the information in flight, as this could interfere with the aircraft’s electronics.


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