DHL launches MyDHL to enhance customer experience

  • MyDHL provides a single login to access suite of DHL shipping tools
  • Streamlined shipping and tracking saves time for customers
  • Useful information and resources to help small and medium businesses expand internationally

DHL1251Bonn, 07/04/2012, 11:00 AM CEST – MyDHL provides a single login to access suite of DHL shipping tools

DHL has launched a new portal, MyDHL, at The new portal will make importing and exporting with DHL even easier and underscores DHL’s commitment to help its customers connect quickly and easily with international markets. With a single login and quick access to DHL Express services, shipping and tracking solutions, MyDHL is the perfect solution for small and medium sized businesses. Via the portal, users can access a range of DHL tools, including:

  • WebShipping – DHL’s convenient and versatile online shipping solution, which allows customers to print labels, schedule courier pickups, store addresses, track shipments and manage their international shipping process, reducing paperwork and saving time and money.
  • ProView – DHL’s web-based tracking service that provides DHL Express account holders with automatic notification by text message or email when shipments are picked up and delivered and allows customers to monitor their shipments online.
  • Import Express Online – the online shipping tool that allows DHL Express account holders to quickly and securely prepare and manage the shipping process for their imports.
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Simplifying the shipping process for customers

With MyDHL, shippers can manage multiple users and contacts, request new accounts, schedule pickups, track packages and perform a wide range of other online shipping operations all in one location.  Predetermined preferences, automatic updates and streamlined processes mean that the tools can help reduce time spent performing routine tasks in the shipping process. With fewer clicks and passwords to remember and a user-friendly registration process, the new portal is just one example of how DHL is committed to simplifying the shipping process for customers.

MyDHL is powered by the global platform used in over 140 countries and provides useful information and resources to help exporters and importers navigate their way through international regulatory and customs issues, identify new market opportunities and ship with ease. Small and medium businesses, in particular, can take advantage of the portal to reduce paperwork, save time, and leverage DHL’s unparalleled global network to access new markets.

‘Virtual’ extension to a customer’s shipping department

“The new MyDHL portal is a perfect ‘virtual’ extension to a customer’s shipping department, and makes international shipping with DHL easier than ever before,” said David Neumann, Head of e-Commerce, DHL Express Europe. “By making the full suite of DHL web shipping tools available in one location with easy access, we hope to simplify our customers’ lives and to ensure they have the whole world at their fingertips.”

Complementing the new MyDHL portal is the Small Business Solutions section at This resource is regularly updated to feature the latest customs requirements, trade terminology and advice on the quickest routes to markets and most efficient shipping options. Important trade, business and cultural facts for individual countries are published on the site, with links to useful resources such as chambers of commerce, export agencies and international trade associations. Customer success stories provide further inspiration to shippers and prove that international trade does not have to be complex.

MyDHL is currently available in over 40 countries worldwide. It will be rolled out in further markets over the coming year.

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