DHL introduces new multi-modal solution from Asia to Europe

  • Direct distribution on key intercontinental lanes with DHL Door-To-More
  • Enhanced visibility, flexibility and cost-effective transportation via road and air for technology and other goods

DHL1251Bonn, 06/13/2012, 01:00 PM CEST – The service is currently offered out of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore to over 50 countries across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

DHL Global Forwarding, Freight, the air and sea freight specialist within Deutsche Post DHL and a leading provider of road freight services in Europe, has launched an intercontinental door-to-door distribution service from Asia-Pacific to Europe, building on the success of its DHL Door-To-More service intra-Asia Pacific. DHL Door-To-More combines DHL’s intercontinental air freight transportation capabilities with its comprehensive European ground distribution network. Customers will benefit from the shorter time-to-market offered by the solution, which translates into faster availability of goods.

“As a seamless distribution solution, DHL Door-To-More significantly reduces the complexity of supply chains, at the same time ensuring a greater competitive edge for our customers. A web-based application enables easy booking and shipment preparation and provides end-to-end shipment transparency down to piece level,” explains Amadou Diallo, CEO DHL Freight.

Air freight loading situation

Maximum visibility over costs and consignments

The DHL Door-To-More solution offers streamlined and seamless operations including customs clearance, ensuring the swift and reliable delivery of individual shipments to multiple business consignees. A single billing service, as well as end-to-end online track and trace capabilities, gives customers maximum visibility over both their costs and their consignments with minimum administration.

“With the DHL Door-To-More service, businesses gain the most effective all-in-one solution that offers lower import costs and eliminates costly warehousing. Furthermore, it reduces CO2 emissions and customers profit from an overall leaner distribution system,” says Ingo-Alexander Rahn, Head of Global Air Freight, DHL Global Forwarding.

DHL Door-To-More is DHL’s response to the demands of customers in the technology sector who have turned to direct distribution, delivering directly to their end customers. Customers can benefit from the door-to-door service that covers every aspect of transporting goods from customer warehouses in Asia directly to multiple destinations across Europe, managed through one single platform.

Cost efficient and flexible supply chain solutions

“The technology industry, with its high pace of innovation and short product cycles, requires cost efficient and flexible supply chain solutions. The concept of direct distribution from manufacturing to end customers improves the time to market at minimum inventory cost and reduces the number of handover points”, explains Rob Siegers, President and Global Head of Technology at DHL.

The service is currently offered out of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore to over 50 countries across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. New outbound gateways will be added soon.

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