Deutsche Post DHL’s climate protection management among the best in Germany

  • Inclusion in leading international climate protection indexes
  • Top results confirm the Group’s climate protection strategy

Bonn, 10/21/2010, 02:00 PM CEST

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Deutsche Post DHL is in second place in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

Deutsche Post DHL is one of Germany’s top companies in the area of climate protection management and climate reporting. This is revealed in the Germany Report of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) presented today at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Deutsche Post DHL is in second place in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index in the area of “climate reporting” and was also included in the “climate performance” category of the Carbon Disclosure Performance Leadership Index with the highest rating “A”. The Group achieved similarly positive results in the Global 500 Report of the Carbon Disclosure Project which was published in September.”

As a logistics service provider, fuel and energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions are key issues. This includes meeting not only the challenges posed by climate change but also the needs of our customers and investors,” says Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL. “Our good performance in the Carbon Disclosure Project encourages us to continue implementing our climate protection strategy with purpose and determination.”

The Carbon Disclosure Project is an independent organization which every year, acting on behalf of 534 institutional investors, records and evaluates the climate-relevant data and climate protection efforts of over 2,500 companies worldwide. For the report presented today, the German organization of the Carbon Disclosure Project collected data from 64 companies in Germany concerning their climate reporting. In the climate performance category the Carbon Disclosure Project rated a total of 57 companies.

Climate protection as part of the Group’s strategy

“Deutsche Post is one of the few companies in Germany where a long-term strategy for reducing their CO2 emissions has already been developed and incorporated in the company structure today and where first steps towards its successful implementation have also already been taken,” says Caspar von Blomberg, Head of CDP Europe. “This is even more remarkable given that, on the face of it, the company’s business model is not among the winners of the low carbon economy.”

In its corporate strategy, the Group set itself definite targets for improving its CO2 efficiency. In 2009, the company’s CO2 emissions, including transport services provided by subcontractors, fell by three million tonnes. “This means we are one step closer to achieving our target of improving our CO2 efficiency by 30 percent compared to 2007 by the year 2020,” says Frank Appel.

The CDP’s Germany Report states that only companies that really understand the challenges posed by climate change and its impact on the business model are included in these two indexes. In order to be included, companies must demonstrate above-average transparency in climate reporting (Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index) and have taken successful steps towards introducing systematic climate management within the company (Carbon Performance Leadership Index).

Deutsche Post DHL impressed the CDP, inter alia, by incorporating climate protection into its long-term corporate strategy, by implementing it in all of its divisions and by virtue of the results it has achieved in reducing emissions. All of the company’s divisions, employees, subcontractors and customers are involved in the climate and environmental protection activities of Deutsche Post DHL. This enables the Group not only to continually enhance the CO2 efficiency of its fleet, but also to record the emissions generated by all locations using a standardized measuring system. In addition, customers can avail themselves of the company’s carbon dioxide-neutral shipping service GoGreen. In the global assessment for the Carbon Performance Leadership Index, Deutsche Post DHL has already scored 97 out of a possible 100 points for transparent, clear and complete climate reporting, making it the only logistics company in the world to be included in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

GoGreen – the Group’s climate protection program

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