Deutsche Post DHL receives the “Helping Hands” award from the German Red Cross Blood Donation Service

  • Group employees have been taking part in blood drives for the past 54 years
  • A total of 42,000 employees have donated blood at 560 blood drive events throughout Germany
  • For Chief Medical Officer Tautz it’s an ideal way to “actively support people in need”.

DHL125Bonn, 05/28/2013, 01:00 PM CEST – The German Red Cross has awarded its “Helping Hands” medal of honor to Deutsche DHL in recognition of the company’s decade-long commitment to the German Red Cross Blood Donation Service. The Group has been an active partner of the Red Cross blood donation programme for 54 years. During this time a total of 42,000 employees have donated blood at 560 blood drives conducted throughout Germany. The Group gives its employees the opportunity to donate blood during working hours. This way they help secure life-saving blood supplies for hospitals and their patients.

“As a company that relies on the commitment of its motivated employees to deliver logistics services on a daily basis, we know about the importance of health. Each and every one of us, as well as our families and our friends, could suddenly be in need of donated blood,” says Dr. Andreas Tautz, Chief Medical Officer von Deutsche Post DHL. “By promoting the ‘Helping Hands’ initiative, we are doing what we can to proactively support people in need. Our involvement also demonstrates our commitment as an active and responsible member of society.”

The “Helping Hands” programme aims at companies and organizations interested in actively supporting the German Red Cross blood drives. The corporate responsibility award recognizes companies for their voluntary contributions to society that go beyond what is legally called for, making them an active part in sustainable social development.

With its initiative, the German Red Cross aims to encourage companies and organizations to actively support blood donation.

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