DB Schenker simplifies web logon for customers

Now it takes fewer clicks to access eServices at www.dbschenker.com

DBSCHENKER125Essen, September 2, 2013 – DB Schenker has made it easier for customers to access the internet-based service portals on its global website at www.dbschenker.com.

DB Schenker Logistics customers can now benefit from a newly integrated entry screen that lets them log on directly. Previously, logging on involved additional clicks, and users had to be transferred to the service portal. The entry screen is now an integral part of the navigation menu and can be accessed from all the subpages of the website at any time.

New customers, too, can use this entry field to register for DB Schenker eServices more easily than before.

Customers of DB Schenker Rail now also have quicker access to the freight timetable, RailService Online Portal and other Schenker Rail eServices.

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