CEVA wins Best Logistics Provider 2010 at the AutoData Awards

São Paulo, Brazil, 2 December 2010 – CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading supply chain companies, has won the 2010 AutoData Award for Best Logistics Provider.  This award is one of the most important awards in the Brazilian automotive industry.

The award was won for CEVA’s longstanding partnership with General Motors (GM), focusing on the inbound transportation services CEVA provides at the factory in Rosario, Province of Santa Fé, Argentina.

“This operation highlights CEVA’s Operations Excellence model which ensures we offer integrated and consistent solutions to our customers,” commented Hernan Barrientos, CEVA’s Business Development Manager for Latin America. “The award showcases the professionalism and hard work invested into this partnership by our team, ” he concluded.

CEVA is responsible for managing GM’s returnable packages, controlling its inventory level at each point of the flow – suppliers, factory and transportation. Inside the plant, the operation includes collecting packages from several different points, consolidating them by type, separating packages that are unfit for use, preparing them to be sent to suppliers and programming and loading the trucks.

This is the first milk-run transportation operation for CEVA using TMS (Transport Management System) software developed by CEVA’s Information Services & Solutions team in Latin America. This web-based system enables automatic receipt of GM’s production schedule, definition of routes and online tracking of travel status and transported merchandise, while also managing the corresponding financial flow, integrating the management of aggregates and transporters, which allows the customer visibility of its good throughout the supply chain.

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