Walk This Way! Transporting a Complete Building

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

In the history of logistics great feats have been accomplished. The weirdest shaped cargo has been transported to the most unlikely places.

Shanghai Evolution Shift has taken moving oddly shaped cargo to a whole new level…

Moving House

Moving house is a term that has already been taken literally in the United States. Below you see a picture of a house being moved in Delaware.

File:Hydrolic dollies relocate house in Newark, Delaware.jpg
Picture credit: Ndarrin97License

Not a new thing. Complete houses were already being moved as far back as the 1940s. Below a house being moved through Lamoine.

File:House moving.jpg
Picture credit: DanielklotzLicense

The Chinese company Shanghai Evolution Shift, however, has taken moving buildings to a whole new level.

Walk This Way!

Just last month they moved a five-story primary school in the Chinese city of Shanghai by letting it walk to its new location. Yes. Walk!

Engineers attached 200 mobile supports under the building. These supports were split into two groups, which alternately move up and down mimicking the human walk. Sensors attached to the supports are used to steer the building in the right direction.

The 7600-ton building was rotated 21 degrees and moved 62 meters. It took the building 18 days to get there. If you need a building and you need it fast then keep in mind that if you let it walk over it will take its time…

Watch the video below to see the building take a stroll through Shanghai.

Immediately thought of this song when I saw the house moving through Shangai. Seems appropriate 🙂

Featured Image Credit: Steffan Fussan – CC BY-SA 3.0)

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