Time for a Change: No More Press Releases on LogisticsMatter.com

LM125Three and a half years ago I founded LogisticsMatter. It started out of professional curiosity after my first encounters with Twitter at the end of 2009. I started spreading logistics news and backgrounds with @LogisticsMatter to have a place to collect what I found interesting and to see what happened if I approached Twitter as a business tool. I never expected to happen what happened next. Within months the follower count was above one thousand and growing. I started to wonder…

If so many people were interested in the news and backgrounds I was spreading, what would happen if I started a blog? I installed WordPress and gave it a try. Same as the followercount on Twitter, the number of readers on LogisticsMatter started increasing as well. About one thing I have to be honest: blogging was hard work! Creating your own content takes a lot of time and effort (at least in my case).

To have fresh content regularly I decided to start publishing press releases. I found them myself, but after a few months my mailbox also started filling up with submitted press releases. I’ve kept this up for 3 years now and tens of thousands of readers have found their way to LogisticsMatter.com. And now it’s time for a change: I have decided to no longer publish press releases on LogisticsMatter.com. I want to focus more on blogging, writing about what I see, hear, and think about Supply Chain, Logistics, and more. @LogisticsMatter will still tweet press releases published on other sites.

One exception: in the past years I have been a Media Partner of great logistics and supply chain conferences, and I will k eep doing that. Press releases for those conferences I will keep sharing with you here.

Thank you for being here and reading what I have to say. Please do come back! 🙂



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