The Importance of Proof of Condition

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

Supply chains are as global as they are ever going to be, and unless we start trading with other planets, they are not going to get much more complex. The larger and more complex a supply chain, the more can go wrong. But then again, in a very small and simple supply chain, things can go wrong as well.

Most Things Go Right

You can look at this from another angle as well: most things go right. Proving that things went right is important for those in the supply chain with outbound roles. If you collect pictures of how a shipment left your facility, you can prove that everything was in order. Goods were properly packaged, trailers were properly loaded, containers properly stuffed, etc.

Next to making sure your processes are in order for this, it is also important to have a structured approach to storing the pictures you take, the forms that are filled out, paperwork that accompanies the shipment, etc.

When Things Go Wrong

The party that usually notices that something has gone wrong with a shipment, is the receiving party. Of course, the focus here is more on damages and non-conformities, than on shipments that are in perfect condition. Damages and non-conformities need to be photographed and documented and the relative parties need to be notified.

As with the outbound Proof of Condition, companies need a structured approach to storing and processing pictures, forms, and other documents.

The Importance of Proof of Condition

Whether your role in the supply chain is an outbound role, or you are at the receiving end, making sure there is Proof of condition is important.

First of all a Proof of Condition makes sure that any damage can be reported and claimed with the right link in the supply chain. Unjust claims can be countered with a Proof of Condition as well.

More importantly: if something goes wrong with a well documented shipment, it is easier to find out what went wrong and where it went wrong. Steps can then be taken to prevent similar damages in the future.

More About Proof of Condition

If you want to know more about Proof of Condition, listen to the episode of the Does Logistics Matter? podcast that features Marcel Merkx, Founder and CEO of CargoSnap. In that episode, Marcel and I talk about proof of condition and its role in the supply chain.

CargoSnap is an innovative logistics startup. A dedicated group of logistics experts and talented software developers. Bringing those worlds together has enabled them to come up with a fresh approach to dealing with Proof of Condition documentation.

You can listen to the podcast on the following platforms:

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