Soncotra obtains the “AEO certificate – safety” after an evaluation by the Belgian Administration of Customs and Excises.

This AEO certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) together with the IS0 9001 certificate and the SQAS label emphasize again that Soncotra meets all requirements to guarantee high quality transports with respect to safety of the concerned operators, the security of the loads and environmental issues.

AEO certificate –  motive and origin:

After the 9/11 attacks the international attention for safety increased significantly.

With the implementation of the AEO regulations the European Commission aims for a better control of the external borders of the EU in order to guarantee the safety of people and the security of goods.

Based on the AEO regulations the Belgian Administration of Customs and Excises has developed a concept to evaluate operators. The concept consists in on one hand a self-assessment by the operator himself and on the other hand by and audit carried out by the Administration of Customs and Excises on the operator’s site.

AEO certificate safety –  requirements:

To obtain the “AEO certificate – safety” Soncotra could successfully prove:

  1. An appropriate record of compliance with customs requirements;
  2. A satisfactory system of managing commercial and transport records which allow appropriate customs control;
  3. Proven financial solvency;
  4. Appropriate security and safety standards (including the ISO 9001:2008 certificate and the SQAS label).

AEO certificate safety – benefits:

As holder of the “AEO certificate – safety” Soncotra gains following advantages:

  1. Worldwide recognition as safe, secure and compliant business partner in international trade;
  2. Lower risk score in risk analysis systems when profiling;
  3. Prior notice that goods will be submitted to physical control and in this case priority treatment will be given;
  4. Less physical and document controls which results in less logistic delay;
  5. The possibility to request a particular place of control;
  6. Reduced data sets for entry and exit summary declaration;

As a consequence of our increased safety and security standards, Soncotra may also benefit from:

  1. Reduced thefts and losses;
  2. Reduced safety and security incidents;
  3. Less crime and vandalism;
  4. Improved planning – fewer delayed shipments;
  5. Improved customer loyalty;
  6. Improved security and communication between supply chain partners;
  7. Reduced costs for controls at suppliers;
  8. Less problems thanks to the recognition of the personnel which also results in better motivated personnel.

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For more information, please contact:

Bert Lamaire

General Manager

SOURCE: Submitted by Soncotra NV

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