RedPrairie introduces Environment Manager module to enhanced Warehouse Management solution

New feature enables easier template-based reconciliation of test and production data for multiple sites and clients

ATLANTA RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity solutions provider, introduced a new enhancement to its Warehouse Management solution today that enables easier reconciliation of test and production environments for customers managing multiple sites or clients. The tool, Environment Manager, is included in RedPrairie’s 2010.2 Warehouse Management release, and allows users to propagate data between warehouse instances while checking for data differences between the two.

“In the past, those using typical warehouse management solutions have had to configure their setup twice – once for testing, and once for production – when implementing that solution at a new site or on-boarding a new client,” says Scott Zickert, RedPrairie Product Manager, Distribution Products. “By generating templates based on relatively static information like locations, item definitions, and configuration setup, Environment Manager helps to take the guesswork out of where configurable data ultimately resides. By using Environment Manager to manage data propagation and find data differences between environments, RedPrairie customers will be able to reduce the amount of time needed to go live with new warehouses or bring up new clients within those warehouses.”

Zickert adds, “In addition, Environment Manager supports Sarbanes-Oxley compliance because it can be configured to ensure the user assembling the data cannot be the same user that propagates it to another system. This configuration is entirely controlled by the customer.”

Environment Manager can also help RedPrairie users with a number of different data propagation tasks, including:

• RedPrairie software upgrades
• Migrating data between multi-warehouse environments
• Bringing up a new client into a warehouse environment.
• On-boarding newly built facilities

Although initially released in conjunction with Warehouse Management, the Environment Manager can be used to manage data propagation between instances within the complete RedPrairie Supply Chain product suite such as Transportation and Workforce Management solutions. This will allow RedPrairie customers to more seamlessly manage the data propagation within these environments and help to more quickly on-board and integrate new RedPrairie solutions.

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