FutureDial Solutions Save Time and Money for the Mobile Device Reverse Logistics Industry

FD125SUNNYVALE, CA — Feb 7, 2013 — With more mobile devices being traded-in for recycling, and in-warranty processing, logistics vendors and recyclers are seeing heavier workloads and experiencing operational bottlenecks to process all the devices they receive. Mobile device software developer FutureDial has come to the rescue with new solutions that help alleviate the bottlenecks and boost operational efficiency. 

GreenT for Multi-device Refurbishing and Data Wiping:

FutureDial’s GreenT™ is a web-based client/server solution that helps prepare Android, iOS, Blackberry devices and feature phones for re-use in the consumer market. The highly automated solution runs on a standard PC or laptop and features “plug-and-play” simultaneous processing of connected devices. A typical workstation handles up to 24 devices at a time, but the system can be scaled to handle up to 48 devices simultaneously. 

The solution performs mission-critical tasks including: 

> Refurbishing

> Data scrubbing

> Firmware loading

> PRL updating

> Provisioning/Activation Parameters 

The refurbishment process erases all subscriber installed content in the phone, restores the phone settings to factory default values, installs the latest version of the device’s firmware, and updates the device with the latest Preferred Roaming List if applicable. 

A time-saving feature of FutureDial’s GreenT solution includes “hot-swapping”, in which completed devices on the processing line can be swapped-out with devices waiting to be processed, even while other devices are still being refurbished by the system. This enables staff to process more devices simultaneously, and helps reduce operational bottlenecks at each site. Benchmarking revealed that manually performing such tasks for a set of 20 mobile devices can take about 2 hours and 20 minutes, while the GreenT solution can process the same tasks for those handsets in just 6 minutes. The solution is handset platform agnostic, and works with Android, iPhone, Blackberry and feature phones. 

“This is a real breakthrough in optimizing time-consuming manual tasks,” says George Huang, President and CEO of FutureDial. “Logistics vendors can go through more handsets in less time than ever before, and such efficiencies positively affect their bottom line considerably.” 

iRT for Simultaneous Batch-Reading of iPhones and iPads:

FutureDial’s new iRT™ (iPhone Reader Tool) for iPhones and iPads is a client/server-based solution that runs on a PC for simultaneous reading of up to 12 devices (on a PC with a minimum 21” screen) connected in parallel for displaying: 

> MEID or IMEI of each device

> Model name

> Internal memory size

> Carrier name

> Apple Serial Number 

The MEID/IMEI readouts are conveniently displayed on the PC screen as barcodes, so the technicians can scan the barcode directly from the PC monitor to ensure proper inventory management. 

“Given the high volume of iOS devices in the market, automating the process of reading iPhone and iPad serial numbers for reverse logistics vendors is a huge time saver for their receiving departments,” says Thomas Rayas, VP of Sales at FutureDial. “FutureDial’s new iPhone Reader Tool software greatly accelerates this process through hot-swapping and auto detection of devices, enabling 20x efficiency gains for these service providers.” 

FutureDial’s Solutions Garner Industry Recognition:

The device renewal industry is taking note of FutureDial’s breakthrough solutions. “FutureDial’s solutions are prime examples of why renewed devices are rapidly becoming a convenient, cost-effective and high-quality option for consumers and business users worldwide,” said Perry LaForge, chairman of the Device Renewal Forum. “The DRF applauds FutureDial and the other innovative companies that are streamlining the renewal process, which helps mobile operators and other ecosystem members meet the burgeoning global demand for refurbished smartphones, feature phones and other mobile devices.” 

RSVP for Product Demonstrations:

FutureDial representatives will have a private suite at the Rio All Suite Hotel in Las Vegas Feb 11-14, 2013 during the Reverse Logistics Association’s Conference & Expo where they will be performing demonstrations of these solutions. To reserve an appointment for a private demonstration, please email sales@futuredial.com 

About FutureDial Inc.

FutureDial develops mobile device and content management software and solutions for use by the reverse logistics industry including device recyclers, wireless carriers, phone repair centers and warehouses. The company is a proud member of the Device Renewal Forum (DRF). For more information about FutureDial, please visit www.futuredial.com

SOURCE: Submitted by FutureDial

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