FedEx Express Wins Prestigious Award for Outstanding Customer Focus

FedEx Awarded the Ruban d’Honneur at European Business Award For Continuous Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

PARIS/FRANKFURT AM MAIN, November 16, 2010 – FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), and the world’s largest express transportation company, today won the coveted Ruban d’Honneur award for outstanding customer focus, at the prestigious European Business Awards ceremony in Paris. This award makes FedEx Express one of the top ten companies for customer satisfaction in Europe. The company was awarded the prize in recognition of the high level of importance it places on ensuring that customer satisfaction is held at the forefront of all FedEx Express business processes.

This is the first time that the German unit of FedEx Express has taken part in this prestigious awards competition, which has been held annually since 2007. Only one other German company was among the winners of the “ribbon of honor” in the customer focus category.  The European Business Awards are considered to be the foremost corporate awards in Europe. Companies from all industries and of all sizes from European Union member states can enter for the independent award program – in all, the organizers have engaged with over 15,000 across Europe this year. Companies could enter in ten categories. The categories included customer focus, growth, innovation, and sustainability.

“We are truly honored to receive this award today, as it demonstrates our unfaltering commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers,” said Nathalie Amiel-Ferrault, Vice President, Customer Experience and Customer Service, FedEx Express Europe, Middle East & Africa. “We are proud that FedEx Express Germany has had such resounding success at the European Business Awards in its first year of entering.”

Providing unrivalled customer experience is at the core of the FedEx Express corporate philosophy. As a part of its customer experience strategy, the company has established a dedicated customer experience organization headed by a member of senior management. Its objective is to consider FedEx services across all functions and levels from the customers’ viewpoint so as to achieve a better understanding of customer wishes and requirements, and to keep building on its existing high level of customer satisfaction. On its constant journey to improve the customer experience, FedEx has embedded a customer-centric approach in its corporate DNA. As a result, for example, FedEx has introduced a one-stop-shop model, which ensures that customers are served by only one FedEx employee from start to finish for each inquiry.

Beyond that, FedEx employees are rewarded annually for their commitment and dedication to providing excellent customer service in the annual Courier of the Year awards. The Courier of the Year awards recognizes team members who are committed to providing outstanding customer service through their hard work and dedication. FedEx also provide opportunities for those who are not in direct contact with customers, to spend half a day, every year, with a colleague who is in direct contact with FedEx Express customers on a daily basis.

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