DHL maintains top position in airfreight markets in Europe and North America

DHL Global Forwarding also in the lead in Asia

Bonn, 10/11/2010, 10:00 AM CEST

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In the first half of 2010, airfreight volumes rose by 17 per cent.

DHL has successfully defended its top position in the most important airfreight markets in Europe and North America. These are the results of the rankings just published by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The results are based on the IATA-managed clearing accounts between airlines and airfreight service providers.

“The IATA ranking confirms that DHL Global Forwarding has sustained its position as market leader despite last year’s difficult economic environment,” said Hermann Ude, a member of Deutsche Post DHL’s Board of Management and CEO DHL Global Forwarding, Freight. “In 2010 we’ve benefited inordinately from the worldwide economic recovery, not least because of our strong presence in growth regions like Asia. We are also confident that in the months ahead we will be able to develop our business dynamically.”

We are on track

As in 2008, DHL was also ranked the number one freight forwarding company in the US and Canada in 2009. DHL Global Forwarding has also recaptured the top position in the vital German market, which was temporarily conceded to a competitor the year before. In addition, the company again reached the number one position in Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and partly in eleven other European markets. And for the first time, the freight divisions in Ireland and Spain also managed to move up to first place. DHL Global Forwarding also secured further top rankings in Asia, namely in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia.

“These good results show that we are on track. But with the world economy and the shipment volumes still not completely stabilized, we’ve continued our close monitoring of the markets – just to be prepared for eventual fluctuations,” said Michael Schaecher, Head of Global Airfreigt at DHL Global Forwarding.

After airfreight revenues dropped in 2009, IATA has registered a significant worldwide increase in the current year. In the first half of 2010, airfreight volumes rose by 17 per cent. IATA expects the whole aviation industry to achieve a profit of US$ 8.9 billion in 2010 – in June the calculated figure was only US$ 2.5 billion. The positive development is caused mainly by the booming markets in Asia and by changes in the currency markets.


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