DHL crowd sources deliveries in Stockholm with MyWays

  • Unique delivery service piloted for products ordered online
  • Mobile app connects individuals for fast and flexible parcel delivery

DHL125Stockholm, 09/03/2013, 10:00 AM CEST – DHL launched the unique MyWays platform to facilitate last-mile deliveries throughout Stockholm by involving the city’s residents. With the pilot, individuals now have the opportunity to deliver packages with products ordered online directly to other end consumers. Using a specifically developed mobile app, the service connects individuals who ask for flexible deliveries with those offering to transport parcels along their daily routes for a small fee. MyWays is being facilitated through DHL Freight’s network of service points in Stockholm.

“MyWays is not only a service for those requesting flexible deliveries; it is also a service for those who would consider delivering a package and earning a little extra money”, explains Peter Hesslin, CEO DHL Freight Sweden. “This is what makes the platform so unique. As soon as the package arrives at one of DHL’s collection locations, the recipient and the deliverer confirm the fee and delivery details, all within the mobile app.”

Concept developed by Deutsche Post DHL Solutions & Innovation (S&I)

After ordering a product online, the recipient can specify both time and location for the delivery in Stockholm, as well as the delivery fee. The package is then registered at one of DHL’s collection locations and becomes visible to all MyWays users. They can decide which parcel they would like to transport to the appropriate address and at the specified time.

Early tests with Swedish outdoor company Addnature have suggested that Stockholm’s residents embrace the flexibility of MyWays and make use of their regular city travels for delivering parcels to fellow individuals.

“With MyWays, we were able to offer deliveries to our customers wherever they were this summer,” says Klas Berggren, partner and founder of Addnature. “The deliveries were handled mainly by students and the reactions have been positive. Many people felt that the concept was exciting and the fact that packages are delivered by private individuals along their daily routes is also beneficial to the environment.”

The concept of MyWays has been developed by Deutsche Post DHL’s innovation unit Solutions & Innovation. The team researches into tomorrow’s logistics and works with the various DHL units to develop solutions from start to finish –  from the initial concept to market readiness. The pilot will initially run until the end of 2013.

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Early tests with Swedish outdoor company Addnature have suggested that Stockholm’s residents embrace the flexibility of MyWays.

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