Deutsche Post DHL to take part in first German Diversity Day

  • Board Member for Personnel Angela Titzrath: “The diversity of our workforce benefits the company and fuels our innovativeness”
  • People from more than 150 nations work hand in hand every day in Germany
  • Diversity management is strategically important for unlocking the Group’s potential

DHL125Bonn, 06/11/2013, 12:00 PM CEST – Under the motto of “All Different – Successful Together”, Deutsche Post DHL, the world’s leading mail and logistics group, will participate in the first German Diversity Day. Initiated by the association “Charta der Vielfalt e. V.”, the day aims to firmly integrate the topic of diversity into the German business community. By taking part in Diversity Day, the Group intends to create an even broader awareness about the diversity of the company’s workforce and to bring it to life as much as possible. After all, as one of the largest employers in Germany and around the world, Deutsche Post DHL views diversity as a strategically important issue. In light of demographic change and the shortage of specialists and managers associated with this trend, diversity management is the key to tapping new potential.

Different characteristics

“Deutsche Post DHL is a service provider for Germany and works to link the entire world”, says Angela Titzrath, Board Member for Personnel at Deutsche Post DHL. “Our customers and investors are international, just like our employees – each person has different characteristics! This form of diversity, something I call ‘the beauty of thinking differently,’ is of fundamental importance. It creates a tangible competitive edge. After all, we can only remain a highly innovative service provider and attractive employer by having an open corporate culture. In doing so, we bolster our long-term success in business.”

With its 475,000 employees in 220 countries and territories around the world, the Bonn-based provider of logistics services is the epitome of diversity. In Germany alone, individuals from more than 150 countries successfully work together every day – women and men of various ages who have the widest range of national, ethnic and religious backgrounds as well as people with disabilities and different sexual orientations.

Diversity of workforce

The strength of Deutsche Post DHL lies particularly in the diversity of its workforce. One of the most critical tasks of diversity management at Deutsche Post DHL is tapping the potential of this diversity and encouraging inclusion on the job. Issues being addressed here include work-life balance, women in executive positions, nationalities, the RainbowNet network for tolerance (sexual orientation) and equal employment opportunity for people with disabilities. In Germany alone, the company employs about 14,000 people with handicaps, an employment quota of 8.6 percent on an annual average – as a result, the Group far exceeds the percentage achieved by the private business community in Germany.

Activities undertaken on behalf of all groups range from workplace design and flexible work schedules to support of work-life balance. By signing the Charter of Diversity, an initiative launched by the association “Charta der Vielfalt”, Deutsche Post DHL expressed its commitment in 2007 to further integrating diversity into the development of a corporate culture characterized by respect and openness. As part of the company’s participation in the first German Diversity Day, an exhibit and numerous stands related to the issue of “living diversity” will be set up in the Group’s headquarters.

The goal of each effort is to provide information about various facets of the topic and convey many new impressions. An entertaining play will explore the daily challenges that arise in dealing with human diversity. A video will explain how the issue of diversity is addressed in the Group. In addition, the company’s canteen will offer cuisine from employees’ home countries. It will be a colorful day devoted to diversity, just as the Charter of Diversity calls for.

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