Deutsche Bahn promotes logistics research at competence center at St. Petersburg University

DB’s CEO Grube and RZD’s CEO Yakunin sign an extension to their science and education collaboration agreement 

DB125(Berlin/Sochi, 31 May 2012) Deutsche Bahn (DB) and Russian Railways (RZD) have agreed a five-year extension to their agreement for their joint Center for International Logistics and Supply Chain Management (CIL) in St. Petersburg. It was signed by the Chairmen of the Boards of Management of both railway companies, Dr Rüdiger Grube and Vladimir Yakunin, on Thursday at the Vll “Strategic Partnership 1520” International Railway Business Forum in Sochi in Russia.

“We are very impressed with the performance of our Center in St. Petersburg. We believe the Center is an important investment in the future, in order to further strengthen our German-Russian science and education collaboration,” said Dr Rüdiger Grube in Sochi. 

The Center, located at the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg State University, is a platform for cross-company collaborative innovation and for dedicated education and in-service training programs for students and logistics and supply chain management employees. “The program complements our previous hands-on research and academic teaching activities, and establishes cross-border exchanges, just like our business,” said Dr Karl-Friedrich Rausch, Board Member responsible for Transportation and Logistics at DB Mobility Logistics AG.

It has so far provided support for over 50 theses. Together with DB Schenker, DB’s Transportation and Logistics Division, the CIL has developed a practical module for an RZD in-service training program. The collaboration has also given rise to the only on-line Supply Chain Management encyclopedia to date.

In June, a research report will also be published on the topic of outsourcing and contract logistics in Russia, which will for the first time provide information on structures and trends in Russia.

DB, RZD and their academic partners founded the joint teaching and research establishment in July 2009. Their academic partners are the European Business School, the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg State University and St. Petersburg Transport University. The collaboration will now run until June 2017.

The CIL has close links to the research network of DB’s Transportation and Logistics Division. Under the name “DB Schenker Laboratories”, DB Schenker Labs for short, the Group is involved in transportation and logistics research, and aims to create specific programs for teaching, training and recruiting young talent.

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