Cordstrap #20 in top 100 of most successful ”MKB” manufacturing companies in The Netherlands

CORDSTRAP125Some might argue that the manufacturing industry in The Netherlands is dead. Nothing is less true looking at the list that was published in the latest edition of MT Management Team magazine, the largest business magazine in The Netherlands. MT Management Team created the list in close cooperation with Mazars Berenschot Corporate Finance and scored companies on four elements; revenue, revenue growth, EBITDA and return on invested capital.

Cordstrap B.V., the global market leader in innovative Cargo Securing Systems for all modes of transportation took the #20 spot out of 100. Cordstrap’s CEO Brad Tribble commented; “This achievement is the direct result of our employees’ passion for cargo securing and their commitment and drive to support our customers in the best way possible. It also demonstrates that manufacturing companies continue to thrive in The Netherlands even in difficult economic circumstances and Cordstrap is proud to be included in this successful group of dynamic and innovative companies.”

Passionate organization
Cordstrap is a passionate organization with ambitious growth plans and a team that is geared up to drive that growth. This passion is evident in everyone you meet at Cordstrap, from the receptionist to salesmen to the Board of Directors. Passion for customers, for innovation and products and for winning is what makes Cordstrap a great place to work for employees and a great partner for our customers.

Customer focus
True customer focus plays an important role in our vision. Thinking together with our customers leads us to research and develop new products and services that work for them and add value to their business. This contributes in keeping our position as the innovative market leader. Anyone can sell a product; Cordstrap employees sell solutions and answers that respond directly to the needs and wants of our customers.

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