Roberto Canevari, Head of Supply Chain at Carrefour to discuss exclusively the drivers of supply chain excellence at LogiCon 2012

Today’s supply chains are still faced with the on-going challenge of trying to manage the long-lasting impact of the recent global market volatility. With the supply chain being the driving force in determining the value the company delivers to its customer base, efficiency, agility and flexibility are higher on the supply chain corporate agenda than ever before.

In addition to the above, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex making accurate forecasting and demand planning a challenge but a prerequisite of successful supply chain management. The fast-moving nature of the FMCG and retail environment and the unpredictability of consumer demand adds to the complexity of supply chain management. The prevailing challenge for companies is to manufacture the right product at the right time and to ensure the products reach the right distribution point to meet customer service requirements.

Alongside that retailers are increasingly streamlining their supply chain operations across multiple sales channels, rationalising inventory to consolidate and reduce inventory levels. In moving towards a more customer-centric service offering, many retailers are now offering a range of multi-channel, customer-centric models. Ensuring consistency of service delivery and maintaining the brand promise presents a significant challenge for retailers and FMCG companies alike across Europe.

Roberto Canevari will be touching on several retail and FMCG supply chain challenges in his high level address at LogiCon 2012 from 7th – 9th February 2012 in Amsterdam.

The above themes will all form the basis of wider discussion at LogiCon 2012.

About LogiCon 2012

Now in its 16th year, LogiCon 2012 is uniquely positioned as Europe’s leading Retail and FMCG supply chain and logistics conference. Attend and hear from over 35 world-leading supply chain directors giving you a multi-faceted perspective into the latest industry issues, trends and progress. Bigger and better than ever before, LogiCon is THE place where the future of the supply chain is shaped.

LogiCon 2012 has been specifically designed to help supply chain professionals develop practical techniques to improve supply chain efficiency, agility and sustainability while driving customer service and lowering costs.

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Europe’s only Retail and FMCG Supply Chain and Logistics Event

7 – 9 February 2012 | Radisson Blu Hotel | Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol


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