DHL introduces new recall solution for the automotive industry

  • Integrated service supports preparation and management of increasingly complex recall processes
  • All critical aspects of the recall can be simulated, tracked and synchronized

DHL1251Bonn/Monte Carlo, 06/21/2012, 11:00 AM CEST – With its global network, DHL is able to manage the exchange of the replacement parts, their transport and warehousing

DHL has delivered a customizable, purpose-built logistics solution for the automotive sector, to meet the increasing demands for a flawless recall process in the industry. The DHL Recall Solution offers a dedicated expert pool, unique recall IT tools, a flexible network of key service providers, and is geared up to support a fast deployment and effective execution of automotive recalls. Furthermore, the customer’s supply chain can also proactively be surveyed and prepared for major recalls.

“The developments of sourcing and manufacturing in the automotive industry, as well as the strengthening of regulations, have raised the likelihood of product recalls. With our new recall solution, we can provide the best possible support for our industry partners to be prepared for and handle these critical, complex and time sensitive logistics procedures”, says Fathi Tlatli, President Global Sector Automotive, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

DHL Supply Chain automotive

Customized information platforms

The DHL Recall Solution is available worldwide and incorporates a dedicated recall expert team for the customer, with comprehensive experience in the automotive sector and knowledge of regulatory compliance. Customized information platforms such as a registration website – being fully integrated in the car manufacturer’s website – and flexible call center capacity can be deployed at very short notice to manage the information flow between customers and car dealers effectively. An automated data exchange with the customer’s IT system leads to a seamless integration into the existing supply chain and guarantees full visibility for the customer during the whole project.

With its global network, DHL is able to manage the exchange of the replacement parts, their transport and warehousing. DHL will also supervise third party providers such as external carriers and recyclers. In addition, the DHL Recall Solution features unique software for simulating various recall scenarios – for example when the car manufacturer brings on board new component suppliers.

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