Deutsche Post DHL with individualized print option for Facebook

  • “Social Memories” app creates book from Facebook profile
  • Users all over the world can order their personal printed copy

Bonn, 07/14/2011, 11:15 AM CEST

Facebook Social Memories

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The app gives the choice between a free digital photo album or a 28-page printed version.

Deutsche Post DHL has launched a new service for Facebook users – the “Social Memories” app. It gives people a unique way to keep track of their otherwise fleeting Facebook data: a customized book that compiles their social network data and visualizes it with photos and infographics. The book transforms users’ social network information into a lasting memory. Social Memories was developed together with the agency Cosalux and is offered to Facebook users globally. The app can be found on or

“Deutsche Post DHL has always been the bearer of social memories on postcards and letters, nowadays oftentimes substituted by digital communication”, says Clemens Beckmann, Executive Vice President of Deutsche Post Innovation. “We are now turning it around, giving physical form to the digitized world.”

The app gives the choice between a free digital photo album consisting of selected book pages or a 28-page printed hardcover version that can be shipped worldwide. Once the user selects the time frame to be covered, the Social Memories application automatically begins to craft a book full of photos and statistics, culling from the user’s profile, status updates and photos. Images can be adjusted individually.

Nearly 70,000 virtual books have already been created

The Social Memories app, which functions in strict compliance with data privacy regulations, also analyzes the user’s profile information, providing information on items such as a person’s most active friends or most popular wall posts. The results are plugged into easy-to-follow graphs. The user can also choose between three colors for the book and different languages. An online bookshelf lets the user flip through all his personal memory books created over time. Vouchers for making this book a gift are also available.

Nearly 70,000 virtual books have already been created since Social Memories was started in the middle of May. Deutsche Post DHL plans to continue to build features to the app to offer additional individuality.



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