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Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

Innovations and trends in Last Mile logistics are a recurring theme on I love buying things online. It’s easy, convenient, and fast. One thing is of the utmost importance: the order needs to be delivered! Nothing worse than a missed delivery. Companies ranging from Amazon and Google, to small startups are attacking the challenges of last mile delivery with a fervor.

Amazon is working on Drone Delivery, and is also rolling out a network of pick up locations with lockers in Europe, Google has just patented a self-driving truck with pickup lockers on it, and one of the startups I’ve written about, Starship, has started live testing their delivery robots in London this week.

Home Delivery is one of the challenges in multi-channel operations. This and other subjects, such as Warehousing, Click & Collect, and Supply Chain will be discussed at the eDelivery Expo in Birmingham, UK this April. LogisticsMatter is Media Partner to the event, that will be a source of information and inspiration for directors and senior managers looking after logistics, delivery, and supply chain in multichannel and e-commerce.

Some of my favorite sessions on the agenda for April 27th and 28th are about the link between the supply chain and the actual end customer:

Convenience v Flexibility v Free/Paid for Delivery and Returns – delving into the minds of the consumer to serve them better – Expectations for deliveries are on the rise. What are the future opportunities? How can costs be reduced? Where is the ROI? More importantly – what do customers really want?

Connecting the Dots between Supply Chain and Customer Experience – Customers no longer think in channels expecting a seamless experience regardless of the channel. Does your delivery and fulfilment strategy align with shifting and dynamic channel mixes to support omnichannel? Should you manage fulfilment in shared or separate operations? What is the next big thing in customer delivery?

Honing Post Sales Delivery and Returns to Drive Loyalty and ROI –  How can robust strategies for returns management be used as a vehicle to enhance customer communications and connections? Can impact on the bottom line be reduced with effective back office management? How can innovative approached increase customer satisfaction and how can this be quantified?

For more information on the event, please click here.


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