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Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

3PLValueCreation14_150x150Armstrong & Associates are presenting an event this month in the University Center Conference in Chicago, and we are proud to be Media Partner. If you want to increase your knowledge on creating value within 3PL organizations, then this is the place to be October 28-30.

The first day will consist of an Executive Briefing on 3PL Finance and Investment. I can try to describe the content myself, but have chosen to quote the organizers here:

The Executive Briefing, 3PL Finance and Investment is a great opportunity to get a comprehensive survey of the financial landscape from leaders in the financial community. The attendees will get the latest market intelligence and insights on financing 3PL growth and acquisitions to support their company’s financing strategies.

The main conference days, October 29 and 30 are fully dedicated to Value Creation. Again quoting the organizers:

Global economic shifts, e-commerce impacts, mode switching and financial creativity will set the stage for third-party logistics in 2014 and beyond. While the future offers up plenty of uncertainty, one thing remains clear: Top executives at 3PLs will need to lead their organizations to greater innovation and value creation for their customers while having their margins squeezed.

The summit will report on the current best in class operating capabilities and examine how they differentiate winners and losers in the 3PL market. There will also be insightful discussions of 3PL hot spots dealing with activity in APAC, EMEA, cold chain and green advances.

I’ve taken a look at the agenda and our highlights in the agenda are:

  • Value Creation: The Key to Success & Creating Greater Value in VAWD – Creating value for customers and owners is essential. 3PL and financial experts share their visions of the future for third-party logistics.
  • Creating Greater Value in Value-added Warehousing/Contract Logistics – E-commerce, cold chain and reverse logistics will drive value-added warehousing, turning it into a hot growth segment for 3PLs. How can 3PLs create value? What will it take to succeed in this segment?
  • Supply Chain Mega-Trends: E-Commerce, Asian Consumer Markets, Nearshoring – E-commerce, emerging Asian consumer markets and nearshoring are set to trigger major supply chain transformations. How will these mega trends change future supply chains, and what changes will solution providers make.

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