What do Lego, IKEA, and Virgin Galactic have in common?

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

SCL14_150sq_bannerWell, Lego and IKEA are both champions of modular design. Where Lego is all about letting you design your own things, IKEA is very much focused on minimizing logistics and supply chain cost related to their furniture by design. Ever noticed how most parts within an IKEA package fit together like pieces of Lego? Virgin Galactic’s will also be looking closely into how to get the payload that is required on board of one of their galactic flights into the minimum amount of space, fitting as much as possible together like Lego or IKEA packages.

They have one other thing in common: executives of these companies will be speaking at the 16th Annual European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit in Barcelona this June.

This year’s speaker line up is truly impressive: both FMCG giants Unilever and Procter & Gamble, High Tech companies HP and IBM, software companies like JDA and Kinaxis, and other big names like Volvo, Carlsberg, and Tata Steel.

Spread over 3 days there are sessions in 5 tracks: Effective Supply Chain Strategies, Supply Planning & Optimisation, World Class Logistics, and Customer Collaboration. Check out the full program here.

My favorites are in the World Class Logistics, and Customer Collaboration tracks, with the exception of Lego. I would like to learn more about the supply challenges that Lego has faced and how they overcome them. They’ve made some bold partnering decisions these past years, which have given the company a great boost. Also my son loves Lego (as did his father before him 🙂 )

I also wouldn’t mind hearing Trevor Miles from Kinaxis speak. I’ve enjoyed his blog posts on the Kinaxis Blog (for example) ever since I encountered one of his articles somewhere on the web.

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