Logistics Market Snapshot – December Edition

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

vannelleEach month the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics publishes a Logistics Market Snapshot with key Logistics and Supply Chain figures and statistics. Included are several Multimodal, Trucking, Rail, Air, and Ocean Freight Indexes, Industrial Vacancy and Rent Rates and general economic indexes. Some selected encouraging statistics, including a results overview of the first part of the shopping season:

  • Black Friday became a billion-dollar online shopping day for the first time this 

    Logistics Market Snapshot

    year increasing 15% to a record $1.20 billion as more consumers opted to shop from their couches. (Source: ComScore)

  • Thanksgiving Day online purchases also climbed 21% to $766 million.
    (Source: ComScore)
  • The increases included a 74% rise in revenue from shoppers using tablets, a 51% rise in sales to smartphone users and a 40% increase in revenues via laptop and desktop computers (Source: Monetate)
  • A record 21% of all Thanksgiving online sales came through mobile devices this year, with $152 million spent via tablets and $70 million via smartphones.
  • Total e-commerce sales reached $20.6 billion in the first 29 days of this holiday season, about a 3.1% increase from Nov. 1 to Black Friday last year (Source: ComScore)

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