CSCMP Europe 12 Day One – The European Research Seminar

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

This week LogisticsMatter is visiting the CSCMP Europe 12 Conference in Frankfurt Germany. The conference started at the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) Forum near Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport.

The day consisted of 9 lectures on academic research in the field of Supply Chain Management. The highlights of today:

The Role of External Relationships for LSP Innovativeness: A Contingency Approach. Carl Marcus Wallenburg argued in this lecture that Small and Medium sized Logistics Service Providers have gaps in the knowledge that is embedded in their organizations. They need to obtain the knowledge to fill these gaps by building relationships with external parties, being existing customers, external service providers (IT system providers, universities), and other logistics providers to be able to keep being innovative.

Deregulation of European Road Transport and its Impact on International Operations. Hans-Joachimm Schramm presented his research on International Transport Operations in Europe. He concluded that the deregulation has had a decisive impact on the European road haulage business. “Old” EU members take advantage of missing harmonization of incomes and tax issues and “new” EU members have gained market access to execute cross-trade and cabotage.

Factors Determining the Management of in-store Replenishment Operations. This study, by Grant, Tautrims and Wong of the University of Hull. They looked at in-store replenishment from an employee point of view. On the shelf availability is very important for retailers, because when product is not on the shelf, a sale may be lost. The study concluded that at various types of retail stores, the empowerment of employees varied. Also there are gaps between what central functions believed happened at store level, and what actually happened there.

While today was not nearly as busy as it will be tomorrow when the actual conference will start, it was definitely interesting. Without academic research the field of Supply Chain Management wouldn’t move forward at the current pace.

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