LogiCon 2012 – Conference Main Day Two

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

Two returning themes in these two LogiCon 2012 days were Collaboration and Agility.

After a warm welcome by Professor Alan Waller OBE of the Cranfield School of Management the second day started off with a lecture on Supply Chain Agility by Gavin Chappell, Supply Chain Director at UK grocery chain Asda. One of his opening remarks was that research had shown that after 20 years of process improvements in Supply Chain and Retail still 28% of all customers could not get everything they needed when visiting a retail outlet. Answer to this problem? Agility!

The second session was on Building a European Network Capability by three Logistics Directors from Kraft Foods, describing how they tendered out there whole Logistics Operation supported by AT Kearney consultants over the course of a year. This not only encompassed transportation, but also warehousing. 

Another lecture on Supply Chain Collaboration was held by Campbell Soup Supply Chain Director Philippe Meouchy. One of his key points: Lean Retailing – Going from Stock and Waste Reduction to Stock and Waste Elimination is the Bigger Challenge and how Campbell collaborated with mutiple retailers to redesign their Supply Chain network.

The last session of interest was that of Jesus Lorente Lopez, Supply Chain Director Spain & Non Food at Carrefour. He explained how Carrefour re-aligned and re-designed supply chain processes to improve the main Supply Chain indicator (according to Lopez): On Shelf Availability.

There were two other speakers: Rudy Boogaard, VP Operations for Tommy Hilfiger and Mike Graham, SVO Supply Chain and Logistics at H-E-B Stores. The first one spoke more about the benefits of their new software tool, and the latter one described their American distribution network. Neither was very informative from a Supply Chain trend or innovation point of view.

Day two ended with a closing lecture on Supply Chain Strategy in the Board Room by Chairman of the Day Professor Alan Waller.
LogisticsMatter highlights of day two were the lectures from Asda and Campbell Soup.


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