LogiCon 2012 – Conference Main Day One

Martijn Graat
Martijn Graat

With a few logistics problems of our own LogisticsMatter had a false start on the first day of the LogiCon 2012 conference arriving late at the Raddison Blu Hotel near Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. LogiCon 2012 is Europe’s only Retail and FMCG supply chain conference, bringing together 150 senior supply chain experts, to learn from over 37 insightful sessions and 35+ thought-leaders including Carrefour, ASDA, P&G, Unilever and Puig Group.

What did we miss in the morning? A lot! We missed Roberto Canevari, Head of Global Supply Chain of the Carrefour Group, with a case study on Key Supply Chain Strategies and Driving Supply Chain Excellence at a World-Leading Brand, we missed Simon Smith, VP Logistics of Unilever, with a lecture on the Role of Logistics in Unilever’s Ambition to Double it’s Size Whilst Reducing it’s Impact on the Environment, we missed Ingo Braukmann, Head of Business Development Consumer EMEA of DHL Supply Chain with a lecture titled: Collaboration – Make it Happen!, and we missed Glenn Goldstein, Senior Manager Logistics IT Competency Center for the Adidas Group with a lecture on Reshaping the Supply Chain for the ‘Consumer Direct’ Business. If and when audio of these sessions gets released, we will be back on these!

It was a little past 12h00 when we were able to join our first session: Extended Retail Supply Chain Collaboration. An interesting lecture with various case study examples, by Andy Stinnes, EVP of Products and Strategy and Managing Director of GT Nexus Europe. Main subject was the potential of cloud based supply chain management systems, which enable collaboration across the supply chain. This was directly followed by a session on experiences from the field presented by PepsiCo Change Project Manager Rozanne Drost.

A late lunch was followed by Round Table Discussions. LogisticsMatter joined the discussion on Collaboration – mutual expectations of all parties involved? – moderated by Ingo Brauckmann of DHL Supply Chain. Collaboration is a Journey, and not a Jump! More on that and other Round Table Discussions later.

After a short tea break, it was the energetic Robin Proctor, Group Supply Chain Director at Travis Perkins that woke up the audience with statements like: Two things are important to get from Theory to Action: People and Profit. And: Each Board should have a Supply Chain Director. More on Profit later.

It was Javier Puyuelo, Supply Chain Director of the Puig Group that closed of the day with his lecture on Advanced S&OP processes and improved end-to-end visibility.

Today’s highlights (and keep in mind we missed the morning sessions) were the Round Table discussion on Collaboration and the Ode to Supply Chain Management by Robin Proctor. LogisticsMatter is looking forward to day 2 of the Logicon 2012 conference.

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